Privacy Policy

We respect protecting the privacy policy and using your information.protecting the privacy policy in this text shows collecting, using and saving your information. Your information is collected for better use of website and to create a better user experience and protecting its security and not spreading it is our main duty.We assure you that we obey all the privacy standards and we commit to it.

What information we collect and how do we use it?

We collect your information to provide a good experience of online shopping from the vintage store. You offer us your information by creating user profile, joining the bulletin, downloading catalogs or connecting to different sections.

Your information will be directly categorized in selected sections after being entered.

During this process your email and name will be saved in our email database for sending notifying emails and after that you'll receive vintages articles, news, and promotions.

You can easily cancel your membership in this system anytime. Your shopping information and your persona will be analysed by our marketing team to analyze the shopping destination, and your character analysis will be checked for convenient service. We assure you that these information won't be referred to any organ, person or company.

The information that is received from you while shopping

When you shop directly from our store or website, we receive some information from you to enter your order and send the product. While shopping online and choosing card to card or account to account payment, you record no information from your card number or your account in our website.

Your payment will be done directly via online bank ports and after paying and sending the receipt for us, your bill will be finally registered in the system and ready to be sent to you.


Managing your marketing schedules

From wherever you interact with us you have the chance to participate in our marketing schedules. In this process you inform your satisfaction on receiving our bulletin and promotions with presenting your information to our team or recording it online.

We send some emails for polling and getting to know your preferences in shopping after analysing your information you can take action to cancel receiving emails anytime.

Our way of contacting you will be checked when we receive the information.

According to the way of contacting you have chosen we may record your information in SMS, email system or our media.

 Online shopping

When you are waiting to enter your order online in website, we receive information to create user account and  record your order.

This information includes name, job, telephone number, email, name of company and your user type.

You will also be asked to enter a password in order to enter your user profile. When your user profile is created you can choose your preferences to receive orders, communication type and notification messages.

We present you purposeful recommendations by analysing your interests and the products you have bought. Personal recommendations and promotions will be located in your user profile.

Contacting vintage

We receive your information for orders and answering your questions when you contact us via any communication ways(telephone, emails, SMS, social media).

Pay attention your phone call would be recorded to qualify responding quality.

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